Launchpod was founded by Colin Smith, an 18 year digital media veteran, having been a leadership executive at companies like LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Aol., & Ask Jeeves.

Before moving into digital, Colin spent the 10 preceding years in ‘traditional’ media, at companies like IPC, and The Telegraph.

Colin has also been a registered and approved, enhanced growth coach within the UK Government’s Business Growth Service, which afforded him the honour of helping some of the UK’s most exciting, fastest-growing technology and media companies.

Colin’s vision for Launchpod is best described as follows:

“As a leader of a number of high-performing sales team in my career, I learned that sales learning & development were essential to success. Specifically, I found that sales training strategy should include:

  • A core methodology: teams need a unified sales process, and a shared methodology and language
  • A few best-in-class, in-depth programs, to focus on vital areas, introduce new thinking & stretch the team’s capabilities
  • Targeted modules and coaching to support individual and team objectives
  • Reinforcement from a series of continuous training modules and sales coaching

Launchpod was founded with this approach in mind.

Our trainers are selected for their expertise and experience. They always have a background in the topic area they are covering.

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